Hi Denise!!

We absolutely love her!!  She is eating fine and drinking.

She has gone consistently on the newspaper in fact she has even poopied three times already. She loves playing with Tori and Nigel!

Do you have any advice for getting her to sleep at night?  I’m actually holding her now while I type. She seems to miss her littermates L

Anything I can do to make it easier for her and us?

Besides that she is wonderful! 

We will be sure to send you pictures!

Thanks again for everything!

Dear Denise,

I hope all is well.  I wanted to send you some new pictures of Sensei.
  It's hard to believe that it's been almost 3 months.  He's doing
great!  He weighs just over 6 lbs and everywhere we go people are
admiring him.  He's smart, loving, and happy.  We couldn't have asked for a dog with a better temperment.  We couldn't have asked for a better dog.  We'll keep you posted on how he's doing.  Thanks!!!!!


Hi Denise! 

 We just wanted to let you know that our veterinarian gave Aang a perfect bill of health.  I have to give you all the credit!  He couldn’t get over how cute she was!!  She was such a good little girl too.

She is settling in very nicely and seems to be sleeping a lot better at night. J  She’s doing very well with her housebreaking, hardly any accidents at all.

She wags her tail whenever she sees us!  She is simply adorable!!

Thanks again for all the pictures you have sent us and for taking such good care of her till she came home to live with us!! 

Bobbi and family

Just an update on Louie.  He has become such a lovely dog. Everyone loves him and he loves them including all of the dogs and cats.

One of the receptionists at the Vet has a female from you who was born from Sissy and Ben as well. She said that Louie looks like her dog.
I am so happy with Louie and he is my constant companion. I had a total hip done three weeks ago and will be home for a while. I have Louie to nurse me.
In the Spring I will be in contact with you as I will be considering another one.


Hi Denise!  Sophia is such a wonderful little baby!  She is so friendly and smart (peepees and poopies on her pad!)  She did very well with her vet appointment on Saturday and has a follow-up appointment in two weeks.  Sasha is becoming more used to having her around and I can't wait for them to snuggle together!!  Sophia actually barked once for the first time yesterday.  I have a bunch of pictures which I will be sending to you!  My entire family instantly fell in love with her at first sight; she is soooo adorable.  Thank you again! 

Hi Denise,

I am sorry I have not got ton back to you until now.   Our time with Priscilla has been wonderful.  She is an absolute angel.  We have been so busy admiring her, that I have not had time to do anything else.  She has been so cooperative.  She has slept from 9:30 when we put her in her crate, until 7:30 am when our youngest son woke up with her.  She did not make a peep all night long, for 3 full nights now.  She is also doing well with house training.  You know how that is though, it is pretty much like toilet training our children.  We are basically training ourselves to take them to the bathroom every hour or so.  She is a joy to everyone She sees.  I have actually given your number to 2 people today.  Most people are very surprised to see a shih tzu that is mostly black like she is,  and a beautiful little face like hers.  I actually feel like she is one of mine.   Thank you so much for all of your information, and an absolutely beautiful baby.  I did take her to the vet today, he said she was perfect.  I will be in touch and send picture soon.